Customized F&I training developed for your dealership

Register here to have Lloyd personally train you, in your own store! The In-store Mentoring Program is a one-time giveaway designed to develop you or your department into the best, more profitable, F&I department in your group or demographic.

Only 3 stores will be selected.

In a recent poll of F&I managers, 60% felt like their trainer was “Completely out of touch and hadn’t spun a deal in years, if ever”. Another 17% received zero training at all. In short 77% of those surveyed were not getting the training support they needed.

Most dealers and GM’s are simply too busy to assist. They’re so focused on advertising, hitting their units, managing costs and keeping (or finding) employees, that F&I development is something they almost always plan on doing later. So, they look for a “plug and play” person that can be up and running quickly. The obvious problem is the person they found is unemployed already – sometimes for good reason. This should raise questions like “What happened at their last store that caused them to be unemployed?” 

This perpetual rotation of finding a Band-Aid for F&I may work a little longer, but the F&I experience is often the deciding factor on whether many customers ever return ,so dealers should take note. As of 2017, the average new car dealer is spending $630 per unit on advertising, but less than $10 a unit on F&I training. They expect the insurance company to provide training, but sometimes what they receive isn’t in alignment with their goals – Instead, it’s another band aid.

We know some of you simply need help, so we decided to help the 3 worst performing F&I departments in Seattle, at NO CHARGE.

Stores chosen for theIn-store Mentoring Program, will be notified the first week of March 2020.

Good luck!


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